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The Velleman electric piezo buzzers are specifically designed for applications requiring a highly reliable alarm or signal with a completely solid state and no electromechanical contact (oscillating circuit is built in). They are replacing the conventional electromagnetic buzzers because of their low power consumption, the extremely clear and penetrating sound, the absence of electrical noise, their compact design and their limited weight. A variety of models is available for various tone functions.

Color N/A
  • clear penetrating tone
  • high sound pressure level
  • low power consumption
  • compatible with all traditional burglar alarms
  • ton clair et strident
  • niveau de pression acoustique (SPL) élevé
  • faible consommation
  • compatible avec les systèmes d'alarme traditionnels
  • sonido claro y penetrante
  • elevado nivel de la presión sonora (SPL)
  • bajo consumo
  • compatible con todas las sistemas de alarma tradicionales
  • tone type: single / pulse
  • operating voltage: 3-18V DC
  • rated voltage: 12V DC
  • current consumption: 30mA
  • osc. frequency: 2.9kHz
  • sound level: 100 dB
  • connector type: leads
  • black wire: ground
  • red wire: single tone
  • yellow wire: pulse tone
  • body color: white
  • weight: 0.77oz
  • type de signal: ton continu / signal pulsé
  • tipo de tono: sonido continuo / pulsante
  • tension d'opération: 3-18Vcc
  • alimentación: 3-18V DC
  • tension nom.: 12Vcc
  • tensión nominal: 12V DC
  • consommation: 30mA
  • consumo de corriente: 30mA
  • fréquence d'osc.: 2.9kHz
  • frecuencia de oscilación: 2.9kHz
  • intensité sonore: 100 dB
  • nivel de presión sonora: 100 dB
  • type de connexion: fils
  • tipo de conexión: cables
  • câble noir: masse
  • cable negro: masa
  • câble rouge: ton continu
  • cable rojo: sonido continuo
  • câble jaune: signal pulse
  • cable amarillo: sonido pulsante
  • couleur boîtier: blanc
  • color de la caja: blanco
  • poids: 22g
  • peso: 0.77oz

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