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SHRINKABLE TUBE 2:1 - 1.0mm - BLACK - 49 ft - BOX

Heat-shrinkable tubing is universally applied for the insulation of connections or for the end-handling of electric wire, for the insulation of soldered points on resistors and capacitors, for the identification and encapsulation of electric wire, for the corrosion-proofing of metallic rods or tubes and for the protection of antennas. Heat-shrinkable tubes are used for the corrosion-proof and waterproof connection of fibre optic cable.
This is thin-walled, flexible, irradiated polyolefin tubing with a smooth exterior. It offers excellent tensile strength and low water absorption. The max. shrinking ratio is 50% and the material is flame-retardant.

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  • color: black
  • reel length: 49 ft
  • bore as supplied min.: 1.0mm
  • continuous operating temperature range: -67 to 221 °F
  • shrinking ratio: 2 : 1
  • basic material: polyolefin
  • shrinking temperature: 194°F
  • flammability: self-extinguishing
  • couleur: noir
  • color: negro
  • longueur du rouleau: 49 ft
  • longitud del rollo: 49 ft
  • diamètre avant retreint: 1.0mm
  • diámetro antes de la contracción: 1.0mm
  • gamme de température en cas d'une opération continue: -67 to 221 °F
  • rango de temperatura continuo: de -55°C a +105°C
  • coefficient de rétraction: 2 : 1
  • tasa de contracción: 2 : 1
  • matériau de base: polyoléfine
  • material de base: poliolefina
  • température de rétraction: 194°F
  • temperatura de contracción: 90°C mín.
  • combustibilité: auto-extinction
  • inflamabilidad: autoextinguible

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