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Electronic Kits & Developer Boards Were Scarce was founded out of a need to find high quality electronic components, DIY Arduino kits, inexpensive 3D printers, developer boards like wifi shields and breadboards. As the founder of, I have been a design engineer for the last 25 years and have been fortunate to be recognized for it. During my free time I would like to develop new electronic solutions and struggled to find the raw materials on the internet. By sharing my challenges with other tinkerers and makers on webforums, I was guided to what I will call The Electronics Underground. I also loved to share my successes with former teachers and peers who paved the way for me. Together we were able to improve designs and create whole new fields of technology and new cutting-edge products.

I was able to improve my design skills through reviewing others patents, through mentorship, and working side by side with other highly creative individuals,. The Internet gave me access to an even greater array of creative types. Unfortunately, there was no single site where I could go and ask questions, review other's designs to save time, find on-line tutorials, find cost effective design tools, equipment, and prototyping products to help me in my every day practice. So, I created this site to accomplish just that

Our Mission

The theme of is sharing.  DN is a place where design engineers and enthusiasts can gather in one place to learn, improve the quality of their designs and buy affordable prototyping tools and equipment to make their designs a reality. To that end,this site contains:

    1. Design Contests runs contests for the best design submitted with the winner receiving a $100 cash prize. The winners are chosen by on-line ballot from their peers. All entries go into the DesignNotes archives for all to view freely. For more information, please contact us

                     2. Design Archives

Anyone can freely peruse these archives organized by topic and benefit from great talent from all over the world. We have initially seeded the archives with designs from manufacturers who generously granted us permission to display their application notes or tech briefs. Over time we hope to build up a large variety of circuits, algorithms and software programs submitted by our site visitors to share among the entire design community. The Design Archives will be back shortly. The link can be found either in the Sitemap page or the Resources page.

                     3. Design Forum

The Internet makes the real time posting of questions and receiving peer solutions one of the most compelling aspects of this site. Chances are someone has encountered a similar design challenge and can suggest solutions to help reduce some of the pit falls and time consuming dead ends associated with complex electronic or computer designs

                     4Designer's School

Another great aspect of the Internet is the free and seeming endless availability of on-line tutorials and study guides. Unfortunately, these are sometimes hard to find and some are of questionable quality. As design engineers we scour the Web and pick tutorials and study guides that are of high quality and bring to one place for easy access for our site visitors. The Designer's School will be back shortly. The link can be found either in the Sitemap page or the Resources page. 

                      5. Designer's Store

Let's be honest. We have to support this site through sales and advertising. In adhering to our goal of sharing quality information we do not sell just anything. We look for useful design books, cost effective design tools, development equipment and test equipment that will provide the greatest value to our site visitors. You'll find competitive prices and some really novel products that you can order on-line. With our 15 day money back guarantee, you can try before you buy and feel safe in knowing that you're not getting stuck. 

                       6. Design Help

Sometimes it's just not enough to crack a complex design yourself. That's why we created a Design Help section. This section lists organizations or individuals who can consult, design, or provide turn key solutions to new products. In many cases we have used these services ourselves and feel comfortable in recommending them to you. The Design Help will be back shortly. The link can be found either in the Sitemap page or the Resources page

Experienced Management Team's management team consists of three seasoned professionals in the electronic and computer design fields. The team has complementary skills in engineering, sales and marketing, product development and management.'s founder, Mr. Kurt Goszyk, has 25 years experience in engineering, entrepreneurial management, product design, manufacturing and sales. He has 20 patents in electronics, software and optics, over 30 published technical articles, and numerous design and management awards. Some are listed below:


  • Design News Magazine Excellence in Design Awarded for 1990.
  • The Verascad Excellence in Design Award for 1990.
  • Pennsylvania Governor's New Product Award for Outstanding Achievement in New Product Development and Advanced Technology 1991.
  • Top Exporters of Greater Philadelphia Award 1994.
  • The Wharton School Expansion of International Trade Citation 1995.

We hope you enjoy this site and find it useful. If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us. We look forward to serving you better each time you visit. Please tell your friends about us. Thanks.